Sunday, July 30, 2017

[gunvqdfn] Life in previous epochs of the universe

The early universe underwent several significant phase changes.  Hypothesize intelligent life existed in those hot early phases (because life... finds a way).  Scientists in those early phases observed their changing universe, saw that a phase change was coming, and realized that life as they knew it could not survive the phase change.  What did they then do to try to survive?  Do we see their handiwork?  Are we their handiwork?  Did they try to record any information to communicate to beings (us) after the phase change?

Previously, on life existing in very short time scales.

We see several phase changes coming in our universe, the end of the Stelliferous Era, after which point, life will need to survive around stellar remnants or (later) by feeding off Hawking radiation emitted by black holes.  We cannot survive as we currently are under those conditions, but futurists are imagining how we might try.

Could life spontaneously arise and naturally evolve to survive conditions in the future universe?  Maybe yes, because those future eras will last an extremely long time.

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