Saturday, June 24, 2017

[tkqkkadl] Advertisers and entertainers

Hypothesize that advertisers and entertainers understand human psychology and sociology far better than than science does, because they have significant money riding on it.  Data mine advertising and entertainment for scientific insight in these fields.

Any particular advertiser or entertainer might not be able to express what they understand about psychology or sociology; they just stumbled upon something that works and will keep doing it as long as it remains profitable.  We need to combine many inputs.

There are of course many, many failed advertising campaigns and entertainment attempts.

Science cares about causality: what caused a person or a group of people to be who they are?  Advertising and entertainment might not care so much: they take who people are as a given and try to make as much money as possible off of them.  Maybe causality provides an underlying model for things like, people who like this will also like that, or won't dislike that, etc., and advertisers and entertainers do care about that.

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