Wednesday, June 28, 2017

[jnzdshfl] Starship Troopers 2

Following the movie premise of Starship Troopers as a satire and critique of militarism and fascism, a dark sequel in which the government's Big Lies get revealed practically writes itself (going a very different route from the already existing direct-to-video sequels):

It has been many generations since the first war against the Arachnids.  No one remembers the details of that war or even the existence of the now completely genocided (xenocided) Arachnids because of a concerted government campaign to erase history, because things were not what they seemed in the first movie (and the government does not want people finding out the truth).  Nevertheless, the protagonists in the sequel do find out the truth.  The attack on Buenos Aires was a false flag operation, and the purpose of the war from the outset had been to conquer Klendathu to exploit its natural resources.  Klendathu has now been completely strip mined and its resources depleted, setting in motion a new government campaign to invade another planet for humanity to feed on, like parasitic bugs.

Previous allegory.

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