Thursday, June 01, 2017

[bigpvruv] Prequel variations

Yet more alternative Star Wars prequel plots:

Ben (and Yoda) get shockingly revealed to have lied -- a lot -- to Luke in the original trilogy.  Maybe "many of the truths we cling to depend on our point of view".  The inspiration was, how did all the Jedi get killed when they are nigh invincible?  A thousand or more losing to two seems preposterous.  (How the actual prequel did it, shooting them with stormtroopers, still seems preposterous.)

One possibility: the Jedi killed each other.  Possible reasons why: over petty squabbles, the Jedi are not so noble.  Or, manipulated into doing so by mind tricks by the dark side.

Another possibility: the Jedi are not "nigh invincible".  Maybe Yoda and Ben, the survivors, represent the best of them; the rest were worse, much worse, downright incompetent.  Somewhat similar to actual prequel theme about incompetence of the Jedi as they failed to sense a Sith lord in their midst.  Covering up such incompetence could provide incentive to lie to Luke later.

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