Monday, May 08, 2017

[kdsvzhsd] Combination door lock

Something I'm surprised is not more prevalent (I don't know if it even exists) is a door lock that is a combination lock on the outside and a thumb turn on the inside.

Of course, combination locks generally offer less security than keyed (a tradeoff with convenience), but many people already don't care to have high security door locks (they probably have other mechanisms in place to deter or decrease breaking and entering).

Can such a lock be made with reliability on par with keyed locks?  If electronic, then power, including battery failure, is an issue.  Previously, exploring human power.

If electronic, then it could be easy to reset, assign, and revoke different combinations to different people.  Can such features be built purely mechanically?

It could be simulated with a combination lock box holding a key to a traditional keyed door lock key.  Multiple combinations could be accomplished with an OR gate.

Update: these are readily available at the hardware store, battery powered, including light-up keypads which is nice.

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