Tuesday, May 02, 2017

[ijpfyqny] Quartet covers

Why aren't there string quartet versions (covers) of many (especially modern) songs?  It seems to be a very versatile ensemble.  Hypotheses:

The era of those instruments is passed, so lack of demand for arrangements.  Piano and guitar are more popular.  Or playing recorded music.

The era of cooperation is passed.  It is hard to assemble groups of musicians willing to practice and play together.  Solo piano and solo guitar covers are more popular.

Modern music often wants both drum and bass, and a single cello cannot cover both.  A typical rock band has them separate.

The ensemble, or instruments, are not actually so versatile.  Despite seeming tremendous range of play (as seen in virtuosos), it does not cover very much all the sounds that exist in popular music, or at least, mimicking those sounds requires tremendous skill that most string players do not have.  Possible example: wind instruments can rapidly play notes with varied attacks, and dynamics within a held note.

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