Friday, February 24, 2017

[hrzgkqno] Music bridging the culture gap

We have a very divided society where the sides are failing to communicate with each other.  Can music -- or more broadly, art -- bridge this communication gap, explaining one side's {position, ideas, culture} in a way the other side can relate?

Perhaps yes: this is the kind of thing which could be helped along by philanthropy, commissioning art with this goal of building bridges.  It is up to the artist the perhaps unenviable grunt work of learning "the other side" then perhaps the unenviable grunt work of figuring out how to communicate it to "our side".

Perhaps not: people consume the entertainment they like, that they agree with.  People hear in music what they want to hear, which might be different from what the musician is trying to say.

It seems highly likely this has already been tried, or done.  How has such music or art been received?

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