Wednesday, February 08, 2017

[fsnyoxuk] Data horcruxes

1. Start with some data.
2. Cryptographically sign the data.
3. Expand it with an error correcting code.
4. Break it up into pieces, perhaps individual bytes.
5. Choose a nonce, which will be common to all the pieces.
6. Add the nonce to each piece.
7. Add a sequence number to each piece.
8. Cryptographically sign each piece.
9. Expand each piece with another error correcting code.
10. Scatter the pieces.

The data will be difficult to destroy: the data can be reconstructed from a partial collection of partially damaged pieces and verified as authentic.

Kind of a solution in search of a problem.  Previously.  The signature and nonce make the minimum size of a piece annoyingly large.

The total number of pieces needs to be encoded somewhere.  The public key to verify the signatures needs to be stored elsewhere.  Other problems?

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