Tuesday, February 07, 2017

[euzzsqsw] Inflation inside a black hole

Inside a black hole, density and consequently temperature become very high.  At some point of collapse, well inside the event horizon, does the density and temperature resemble the early universe?  Hypothesize inflatons then get produced, causing inflation, a repulsive force which counterbalances gravity and prevents the core from collapsing to a singularity.  This is analogous to the various other processes that counterbalance gravity in normal stars, white dwarves, and neutron stars.

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Inflation seems like an extremely powerful phenomenon based on what it did to the universe.  How much mass would a black hole need to have to overpower inflation?

Philosophically, do we even care what is going on inside an event horizon?

I suppose it matters for black holes with no event horizon, naked singularities, which, if the above hypothesis is correct, won't be singularities, just extremely dense chunks of matter surrounded by very weird spacetime.

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