Monday, December 19, 2016

[xrzqvpap] Shaped text

Any text can have its spacing, punctuation, and capitalization altered to match that of another template text.  Not sure what this might be useful for, perhaps a red herring to throw off cryptanalysis.

Aaaaaaaa aaaaa aaaa aa aaa aaaaaaaaaa aa aaaaaaaaaaaaa aa aaaaaaaa, aa aaaaaaaaaaa aaa aaaa aaaaaaaa aaaaaaa; aa aaaaaaaaa aaa aaaaaaa aa aaaaaa, aa aa aaa aaaaa; aa aaa aaaaa aa aaa aaaaaa aaaaaaaaa aa aaaaaaaa, aaa aa aaaaaaaa aaa Aaaaaaaaaa aaa a aaaaaaa aa aaaaaaaaaa.

Below are 676 digits of the square root of 26, expressed in base 26.

Fcoyjobw xilky rtoh vk auh zedskehhup gj sijceekmbkyct pz rnryxgod, fn vmcwaflvtwm anx cwqa zdssfhnp biwmzqg; yz qrbaskigw gla ovaewrz ry paovvi, se yu yvz jcjua; ns kin naqgk rj zlo fkmawm snrnwchns mi peoywtwx, zpq eu ifpaaaag bop Pynztcaubp ivr u htdmmdf au tottjmkzaq.  Oyilmswk dtxzt ouiy pc ill plyhcjiebb ba udaeosjqkyrls fs pcttqana, tb vwynrdefmcu rdb ebyj tcvxvwhf wgazyya; ei bmylkbeso zcq xmbghrl pn yyhxkx, tm az edh rbwfn; wc tru zpdtx oi xuk omglbo puhfvtxdx fq cgyihcgo, pcn so vzhrshsk esk Oiejnnqqnf ktx x kdybkrh ct cfhmxagkfk.  Fjublacd zpdhh luam dy zvw bklkxxegju qj iuofdjhgezynz eu dkrqyeob, wg smpaotpxvmn vth mprl chxgblwh bcpnfdi; oy koqtnhiyg yas zoioawb xx uimdfq, ly fb lza vfntd; eo khi wbkef hc krj sywuyh ryudavaci uj zvtvsvqe, shl nc oaeofxuu rnr Xycfcathfy eal x ygwlkqx ns vrzchdfmgc.  Scthvbpv uy

The template text is the First Amendment, used previously, cycled as many times as necessary.

Source code in Haskell.  We create a "template" describing the pattern of capitalization and punctuation, then zip it with text, except we do not use zip, but instead unfold (unfoldr), because punctuation elements in the template do not consume any text, so zip does not quite work.

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