Friday, December 16, 2016

[ujpfhpfl] Comparing Brotli text compression with gzip xz bzip2

Original file is a highly repetitive log file of software compiling.

116530086 h10.log
 15689146 h10.log.bro1
 13353595 h10.log.gz
 13150100 h10.log.gz9
  7636694 h10.log.bz2
  7277693 h10.log.bro9
  6632700 h10.log.xz
  6327414 h10.log.bro10
  5905125 h10.log.bro11
  5905125 h10.log.bro
  5706828 h10.log.bro-w24

gz9 is gzip -9.  broN is bro with -q N.  Brotli defaults to --quality 11 (the maximum), which is a fun reference to Spinal Tap, but is highly unintuitive compared to every other compression program which only goes up to 9.  And brotli has no manpage or usage documentation (true to Google style) to find this out.  bro-w24 is bro -w 24.

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