Friday, August 05, 2016

[zfbgjzqo] Very short screen careers

Actresses, for example in Hollywood, typically have very short careers compared to male actors.  Many, perhaps most, actresses become no longer employable when they are no longer young and pretty.

When an actress becomes no longer employable, all the investment in creating the actress, the search effort in discovering her, the acting training and experience, the screenwriting effort in creating characters embodied by that actress, the trust relationships with producers, directors, and other actors, all gets thrown away.

This is all very expensive from the Hollywood's point of view.  Hollywood would prefer to be able to reuse the same actress, or pool of actresses, for many years, so as not to have to invest effort in discovering and training new ones.  Hollywood would very much prefer -- motivated by their financial bottom line -- that society not obsess over the latest pretty young starlet, discarding last week's model like a used Kleenex.

But Hollywood does not get what it wants, try as it may.

The purpose of this essay was to illustrate that media reflects society.  Media does not shape society (even though those calling for censorship insist that it does), because if Hollywood could reshape society so as to be able to reuse actresses for longer, then it certainly would have.

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