Sunday, August 07, 2016

[maqeoeyu] Publishing and consuming knowledge

What should be the interchange format for knowledge transfer between humans?  Writing?  Speech?  Video?

Writing is easier to do than producing video.  However, often video is easier to consume than reading: it is easier to learn from video.  (However, that might be an illusion.  Because of the high costs and barriers to entry to produce video, videos might be skewed toward people who have the resources to produce high quality content, regardless of medium.)  Inspired in part by, online learning heavily incorporates video these days.

In the future, I suspect we can get the best of both worlds using artificially intelligent computers as intermediaries.  When producing content, i.e., recording knowledge, the human will interact with a computer with some interface that is easy for the human, perhaps writing, perhaps a question and answer session with speech, with the computer asking questions.  The computer translates the interaction into some machine-readable knowledge format and that gets published.  When a human consumes content, i.e., learns knowledge, a computer reads the stored format and re-renders it into a format that is easy for the human to consume.  This output format might be completely different from the input format in which the data was originally recorded.  Perhaps the output is a video lecture with a virtual presenter.  Or another question and answer session, but with the human asking the questions.

Creating such a system is a very ambitious goal.

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