Wednesday, August 31, 2016

[hpgybqkq] Credible long term data

It is curious that no one entity can credibly guarantee storage of electronic data for a century or more, though it certainly seems possible by arranging it yourself.

Replicate it across several countries (assuming one can tell where the data is actually being stored), then (this might be hard) check on the replications regularly, making new copies from old copies when necessary or desired.

Delegating the management, the checking and copying, of the data to some other entity has the problem of that entity ending before the desired lifetime of the data.  Delegating to multiple entities might work, but guaranteeing a replacement when one closes up shop is tricky.

You (whether you are an individual or an organization) are the only one guaranteed (by tautology) to be around when you need your stored data.

One could try to place faith in long-lived organizations, but past performance is no guarantee for future returns.

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