Saturday, August 06, 2016

[arrinaku] Gun culture everywhere

Everywhere has social stratification.  Everywhere, the justice system does not care about the lower classes: the lower classes cannot afford lawyers to settle civil disputes between themselves in court.

Lacking lawyers, settling civil disputes, e.g. enforcement of contracts, has to be accomplished somehow, so everywhere we would expect the lower classes to resort to violence.

Guns are the most effective tool for violence, so we would expect to see gun violence everywhere, or if not, a tremendous demand for guns everywhere.  However, among first world countries, gun culture seems unique to the United States.  Why?

Enumerate the possibilities:

Gun control is so extremely effective in other first world countries, shutting down smuggling, black markets, and illegal manufacture despite extremely high demand.

The poor, perhaps aided by socialism, all have access to the justice system for settling disputes.

The poor do not have disputes, perhaps as a consequence of a highly homogenous society.

The poor who would have disputes with each other are kept strictly segregated.

There are other effective mechanisms for dispute resolution among the poor that are more effective than violence, perhaps a social class structure with well enforced mechanisms for punishment by demotion.

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