Thursday, July 21, 2016

[idtzcdrs] More transparent dating site

A dating site allows people to rank or filter people; this is common if not universal.  Add the additional feature of a person's ranking function or filters being features by which someone else can rank or filter by.  Filter people by their filters.

The canonical example of when this might be desirable is someone looking to date someone who restricts him or herself to a certain religion.

Sometimes, a person's filters are not explicit but are implicit in the choices they make on whom to contact or ignore.  Let such implicit filters also be criteria for others to rank; they may have to be derived through machine learning.  Presenting the learned results will be a UI (UX) challenge.  Essentially, one's entire behavior on the dating site is grounds for being judged.

Of course, this might lead to madness, lots of strategic or deceptive behavior.  Probably need to thwart people creating multiple accounts.

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