Wednesday, June 22, 2016

[nmimkviw] Political philanthropy

Where should one donate to maximize the amount of political support in return, from recipients of the donation or their supporters?  This has probably been worked out by the rich.

One scenario is money which has been obtained through nefarious means.  Donate (some of) it in return for political support in case you get in trouble for the nefarious means by which you obtained the money.

Inspired by Sandy Jenkins, Collins Street Bakery.

Probably the best is to donate to political campaigns, though there are some devils in the details.  Does this help explain why there is so much money in politics?

Probably not donate to the poor, because the poor have little political power.

Donate to something people like, and attach your name prominently to it, in hopes of political support from them later. Conversely, if you see a name prominently attached, hypothesize the money was obtained by nefarious means.

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