Wednesday, June 22, 2016

[efrbnnpw] Stay clear of white women

To what extent does the experience of growing up as an African-African male include informal education to steer clear of white women, or some certain subset of white women, who can wield much political power (playing the victim card) when accusing rape or other sex crimes against them?  (This would be similar to the informal education teaching African-Americans to steer clear of cops.)  If true, it would be a good subject for a documentary.

If you don't want to be hanging by your neck from a tree next morning, don't even risk interacting with them.  Many historical lynchings were about sex crimes, or broadly unacceptable sexual actions that the official justice system could not prosecute to the death that the lynchers deemed necessary.

(If the lynchings induced the current (hypothetical) education, then it is another case of terrorism actually working as planned.)

The issue is probably much larger than a race boundary, probably class warfare also, despite seemingly fewer actual lynchings not at a race boundary.  If the issue is common, then if one is a person (stereotypically a middle or upper class white woman) bearing social class markers indicating that people will listen to, and believe, an accusation of rape or other sex crime, then courtship life will be lonely: rationally, no one wants to risk their neck.  Game theoretically, such women will seek to conceal or shed such social markers, though this may be difficult because those markers may define identity.

Inspired by the extrajudicial social and online lynchings seen these days against sex crimes.

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