Tuesday, May 03, 2016

[nbzmviyz] Forcing monoculture

The Soviets tried very hard to eliminate multiculturalism, on the assumption that monoculture creates a better, more governable state, seemingly so observed in other countries.

Income redistribution, banning of religion, single language, standardized and universal education, forced migration, mass imprisonment (gulag), pogroms, and mass executions.

On the face of it, it did not work, as seen in the breakup of the Soviet Union, as well as the many subsequent conflicts.  This is surprising, as the state was virtually unlimited in what it could do to induce monoculture.

Did they do it wrong?  Was there a better way?  Was it simply that they were not in power long enough?

If the measures done there were not effective, it calls into question similar policies being currently pursued for similar reasons in other countries: e.g., income redistribution to decrease social conflict, increased access to education to decrease social conflict.

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