Sunday, April 17, 2016

[sqnzlbyw] Three button laser mouse

Missing in the market landscape is a simple corded laser mouse.  We prefer corded (a.k.a. wired, so not wireless) to not have to worry about running out of battery, and to decrease weight.  Laser to avoid the bright red LED.  Simple 2-button or 2-button-with-scroll-wheel to avoid accidentally hitting one of possibly many side buttons causing unintended effects.  Laser mice seem to be targeted at gamers and have a zillion extra buttons.  Also, one reason for using an (infrared) laser mouse instead of a bright red optical LED mouse is to avoid casting distracting light from the mouse to the surroundings when using it in a dark environment.  Gaming mice often also have a zillion lights on the top side, negating the benefit of avoiding the LED.

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