Monday, February 01, 2016

[eabivopm] Moon rocks for everyone

Consider an industry of mining rocks from the moon, transporting them to earth, and selling them to people.  It doesn't seem too far fetched; prices would be extremely high but there are probably buyers for such rarity.

What kinds of moon rocks can be unforgeably verified as from the moon?  Easiest might be rocks near the landing sites of Apollo missions which brought back moon rocks: newer rocks only need to have their similarity verified against known true moon rocks (assuming we trust NASA).  Lacking such similarity metrics, micrometeorite bombardment and cosmic ray bombardment might be difficult to fake.

Consider subsidizing the industry, because advances in astronautics made in support of such mining will eventually benefit all mankind.

Ecologically, we're not going to run out of moon to mine, and it's not a place that deserves much protection or preservation: it's not a habitat for life.  Plunder asunder!

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