Monday, December 07, 2015

[kalfqxam] Car control

In a regime with strict gun control, a terrorist will choose the next most powerful accessible weapon, probably a car, and continue to target those politically effective to attack and kill, probably children.  Can all places where large groups of children congregate be protected from a car ramming attack?

Barricades around federal buildings erected in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing demonstrate that barricades can protect buildings against cars and trucks, so similar barricades could be constructed around every school, or at least, around every school attended by children of rich white families.  However, unlike defending a building, children necessarily have to leave the barrier, where they are vulnerable to attack: walking to or from school, waiting at bus stops.  Furthermore, there are many other places where children gather, often for recreation.  Can they all be protected?

Then again, maybe a world where cars are a lot less welcome in many places is not so bad.

But it will probably end up as walled compounds (gated communities) wherein which rich people live, and their children do not leave until adulthood (or ever).

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