Wednesday, August 19, 2015

[zcdpxksx] Speed of weaponizing nuclear science

This seems a very short interval of time (34 years) between the discovery of basic science to its practical use drastically changing the world:
1911 Rutherford discovers the atom has a nucleus
1919 Rutherford discovers the proton
1932 Chadwick discovers the neutron
1938 Hahn discovers nuclear fission
1942 Chicago Pile-1 nuclear reactor
1945 Trinity nuclear test

Compare it with another seemingly short interval in technology (63 years):
1903 Wright brothers' first powered flight
1969 Apollo 11 man on the moon
though these achievements were preceded by ancient Chinese rockets and the "discovery" of bird and insect flight before recorded history.

1833 Faraday discovers semiconductivity in silver sulfide
1940 Ohl discovers p-n junction in silicon
1960 Fairchild Semiconductor mass produces integrated circuits
1971 Intel 4004 microprocessor

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