Wednesday, August 26, 2015

[wbopzimj] Ramped hallway

Design a building with multiple floors in which the central hallway is sloped, probably as a spiral, so one can ascend to the upper floors without needing to climb stairs.  (Both stairs and elevators may also be provided as shortcuts.)

How large does the building have to be so that the slope is gradual enough?

How does one prevent the accidentally released baby carriage from rolling away at high speed?  Perhaps a circular ramp.

What should be done with doors off the hallway?  The horizontal bottom of the door will not line up with the slope of the ramp.  Perhaps the ramp goes horizontal at doors.

A "unit" off the hallway wanting two doors to the hallway will have to have stairs or a ramp within the unit.  Or the building has internal and external spiral ramps.  But an external ramp will obstruct windows and patios.  Another idea: there could be multiple internal ramps (multiple helices) and a flat unit could intersect multiple ramps.

Inspired by motorcycles being used to ascend the Tower of David abandoned skyscraper in Caracas Venezuela.  Previously on tall ramps.

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