Friday, July 31, 2015

[rtagmdtl] Map of Hahn Chaconne

Johann Sebastian Bach, Partida #2 in D minor for solo violin, BWV 1004, movement 5 "Ciaccona".  Album "Hilary Hahn plays Bach".

Time point, measure number, description of major musical variations:

00:00 m1 theme "stretchy"
00:33 m9 dotted rhythm theme
01:07 m17 dotted rhythm higher register
01:39 m25 descending melody in 8ths and 16ths
02:10 m33 quieter, back to 8ths
02:27 m37 16ths
03:16 m49 quieter descending scales in 16ths
03:49 m57 triumphant theme in separated 8ths
04:01 m61 triumphant in 16ths
04:15 m65 triumphant elaborated in descending 32nds
04:29 m69 ascending 32nds
04:54 m77 slower lyrical slurred ascending arpeggios in 16ths
05:13 m81 descending arpeggios, diminished
05:47 m89 (arpeggio) 16ths, octaves
06:36 m101 top note repeated on arpeggios
08:04 m121 descending sextuplets (illusion)
08:20 m125 stately, m126 original theme
09:00 (D major) m133 reflective, sotto voce
09:35 m141 separated 8ths
10:05 m149 16ths
10:19 m153 descending arpeggios and scales
10:49 m161 three high accented notes and descending
11:05 m165 three mid accented notes
11:19 m169 low four accented notes
11:51 m177 slow legato
12:06 m181 stately walking theme
12:25 m185 original theme, loud
12:42 m189 again, higher
12:58 m193 again, ascending
13:14 m197 again, descending
13:29 m201 (arpeggio) rich doubled notes
14:02 m209 (D minor) quiet slower
14:42 m217 16th notes wandering, ascending arpeggios
15:00 m221 more sure wandering, descending arpeggio
15:18 m225 ascending call with low response
15:38 m229 descending and bouncing back to a constant high note
16:29 m241 triplet ascending arpeggios
16:42 m245 descending
16:59 m249 original theme
17:16 m253 final cadence in quarter notes
17:38 m257 final note dotted half

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