Sunday, July 12, 2015

[chmkuxkv] Immortal human

Is the first immortal human alive already?

We liberalize the definition of immortality to mean capturing one's consciousness into a digital medium, which can then, in principle, be copied and perfectly preserved forever.  Possibly also add as a requirement that the digital consciousness be able to be run on a computer.  We ignore the difficulty of preserving information forever, or the thermodynamic difficulty of executing computer programs in the extreme future.

It won't be easy to say when immortality is invented, because technologies to digitize consciousness will progress toward higher and higher fidelity over time.

One could argue along these lines that the first immortal human has (paradoxically) already died.  Perhaps an artist.  Their consciousness, their "spirit", has been preserved well enough in their works that they might as well still be alive.  One can interact with their works directly, or one can interact with people who have studied their works enough to accurately channel their consciousness.  Jesus.

Another way immortality could happen, perhaps has already happened, is in people who have been recording their lives (or perhaps having had their lives been recorded against their will) in various ways, often to share with social media.  Their entire digital footprint may capture enough of their lives to essentially be able to simulate them accurately, or correctly answer any question about them.

You may already be the first immortal human, your consciousness running in the NSA's servers.

Ghost in the shell.

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