Wednesday, June 24, 2015

[sonprlst] Left

Another remake of Taken ends with a surprise twist: the daughter is actually glad to have escaped from her conservative upbringing with its repression of sexuality, especially its repression of young women.  She is now a sex worker on her own free will, able to leave whenever she wants, but she doesn't want to.  This is horror: a parent's true worst nightmare.

Perhaps throughout the movie are hints at how oppressively conservatively she was raised, the life she will return to when "rescued".

Perhaps the movie hints that the kidnappers have a system of accurately identifying the kind of people who would be glad to be kidnapped, who would be glad to escape from their conservative world, and who will thus remain in the sex work field voluntarily, which is ultimately good for business.

Perhaps the movie ends with the "hero" father, disappointed in her daughter, murdering her in cold blood (but successfully framing the kidnappers).

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