Saturday, April 26, 2014

[xbgpzodg] Intelligence test for political candidates

Consider a requirement that all candidates for political office must take an intelligence test, whose results are published.  They do not need to pass the test (for whatever definition of "pass"), so this does not constitute a new legal barrier to become elected.

The interesting possible consequence is the creation of a new type of lazy voter, one who, instead of voting party line, votes the highest-scoring candidate for each office.  The intelligence test score is on the ballot, like party affiliation.  Will the world become a better place?

The contents of the intelligence test, and grading criteria, will inevitably be a political struggle, and maybe that is acceptable.  There are two possible controls: the test can get tried out on many members the population beyond candidates, and we can correlate, over time, questions and responses with good or bad politicians.

The LSAT might be a fine test unmodified, assuming market forces have made it a good test.

This is vaguely similar to civil service examinations for government jobs in many countries.

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