Monday, April 21, 2014

[meoavrgt] Uncensorship extension

Create a browser extension which, when you encounter a URL link that is dead, tries to find the old content elsewhere using the old URL as a key, perhaps on a censorship resistant medium like Freenet.  The motivation is to fight unjust DMCA copyright takedowns.

The corresponding opposite tool is, when you encounter a site you would like to prevent from disappearing, you can insert a copy of it into the censorship resistant medium using the URL as a key.

This requires the censorship resistant medium to support search by key.

One way the insertion tool could work is, the URL is sent to a third site, along with a payment, perhaps Hashcash or Bitcoin, and that site downloads and inserts the content.  Another way it could work is you download the content yourself and send it off to be inserted.  Another way is you download and insert the content yourself.

We would like to avoid redundantly inserting the same content twice perhaps encoded in different ways.  Things could become arbitrarily difficult if the original site wants to thwart this kind of mirroring, for example sending different, digitally watermarked content to different downloaders.

There is also the difficulty of, if the search by key returns multiple results, which to trust.

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