Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Pi in sexagesimal

        VIII    XXIX    XLIV    N       XLVII
        XXV     LIII    VII     XXIV    LVII
        XXXVI   XVII    XLIII   IV      XXIX
        VII     X       III     XLI     XVII
        LII     XXXVI   XII     XIV     XXXVI
        XLIV    LI      L       XV      XXXIII
        VII     XXIII   LIX     IX      XIII
        XLVIII  XXII    XII     XXI     XLV
        XXII    LVI     XLVII   XXXIX   XLIV
        XI      LVI     XXXIII  XXII    XL
        XLII    XXXI    VI      VI      IV
Sixty "digits" of pi, in base sixty (sexagesimal), in Roman numerals, as a tribute to Archimedes and other ancient mathematicians. Note that "N" stands for nihil or nullus, or zero. In modern notation pi = 3 units 8 minutes 29 seconds + 44/216000 + 0/60^4 + 47/60^5 + 25/60^6 + 53/60^7 + 7/60^8 + 24/60^9 + 57/60^10 + ... I have a hundred million sexagesimal digits lying around if anyone wants it.

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Anonymous said...

If it is still available, I know of a wonderful community over at reddit.com/r/math or r/trees that would want access if they knew this existed. I will inform the masses, Ken.