Tuesday, November 02, 2021

[lujbtffz] Crocodile Dundee Death Star

"you call that a Death Star?  this is a Death Star."  (swings around, using technology or the Force, an actual star, a medieval flail scaled up astronomically.)

not a Death Small Moon.

if you hit a planet with a star, the planet will likely not survive if the planet gets hit with the core of the star, because the cores of stars are very dense, much denser than planets.  (outer layers of a star might not be very dense.)  initially, was worried that the amount of time the planet is submerged inside the star is less than the time needed for the star's radiation energy to gravitationally unbind the planet, but one also needs to consider the kinetic energy of collision between the planet and the star's dense core.

what is the radial density profile of a star?   I think this can be calculated from mass and chemical composition.

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