Monday, November 01, 2021

[dpimncah] realistic lockward xscreensaver

improve the lockward xscreensaver hack to more realistically depict the internal mechanism of a dial combination lock (safe lock).

important: gate on each wheel.  teeth on wheels.  a wheel drags other wheels via teeth.

other things: false gates of various depths and widths, wheels of different sizes (a flaw which enables lock decoding), a fence that rides up and down depending on the size of the wheel and whether it's in a gate or false gate.  (manipulation-resistant safe locks severely limit when the fence may contact the wheels, limiting the information a safecracker can gather.)

screensaver animation could simply be dialing a correct combination, or the steps of (one method of) lock decoding by manipulation.  if the latter, there may be calls for censorship.

probably need to modify things so that it satisfies the goal of a screensaver: to prevent burn-in.  cycle colors of wheels, other components, and the background "empty space" color.  (something like this is already currently done.)  slowly rotate and or translate the whole thing so that the fence and wheel pack are not always in the same place on screen.

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