Saturday, November 13, 2021

[bsxjyxxk] open world game with unlimited mass murder

player controls a character in an infinite procedurally generated open world teeming with human life.  the player-character can observe and participate in the interconnected lives and societies of the NPCs, learn about their personal struggles and rich histories.  (procedurally generating all this is a challenge.)

as the game progresses, the player gains powers to effect change on parts of the world.  with more progression, more power to cause larger changes over larger regions.  unlimited progression, no limit to power.

among the powers the player gains is the ability to commit mass murder on larger and larger scales as a means to change the world.  to progress in the game, the player learns to treat life cheaper and cheaper, because, in an infinite world, it truly is.

such cheapness will be at odds with the deep personal interactions with NPCs experienced in the opening and still possible at any stage of the game.  this might be art to make the player uncomfortable, but more likely, it is mass murder as entertainment, a way to live out a fantasy of power, same as many other games (e.g., captures in chess).  as the player progresses, he or she also learns about larger and more complicated social institutions to destroy.  (procedurally generating this is a challenge.)

all the mass murder, and other exercises of gained power, are of course just means to an end.  to be specified: end goal.

inspired in part by the destruction of earth in Hitchhiker's Guide for mundane reasons.

original idea was to take place in space (previously: (1), (2), (3), (4)) with mass murder carried out with fleets of death stars and star destroyers.  however, having everything take place on a single infinite plane avoids complexities of space travel.

achievement along the way: 1 cubic light year of blood.  approximately 2*10^50 (or 2^167) souls want vengeance, though perhaps many willingly sacrificed their lives For The Emperor.  (it's hard to find a single value for average amount of blood in a human, even though the value is well defined.  everyone quotes the same range for an adult, 10 to 12 pints, probably all drawing from the same source.  the range does not specify what percentiles the range covers.  and machinery for mass murder at scales requiring scientific notation to express (or, even later in the game, chained arrow notation) probably kills children and adults indiscriminately.)

more powerful weapons to defeat more powerful enemies?  but what if you spawn hemmed in by powerful enemies?  perhaps walk elsewhere.

or, more powerful weapons just to conquer more efficiently?  but lack of powerful enemies might mean lack of fun large social institutions to destroy.

vaguely a cross between The Sims and Sid Meier Civilization, dialed up to infinity.

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