Saturday, October 23, 2021

[zhvxwrhz] watersaber

after his or her lightsaber is defeated by a mere mirror (similar to how a laser cutters cannot cut shiny things) (Archimedes's polished shields are again victorious) (as seen on TV: Brella Shield), the warrior pulls out the true weapon for people who actually need to get stuff done, a waterjet cutter in handheld form.

is there any reason this couldn't be constructed for real?  the blade will likely be very short.  could the blade be made longer with laminar flow?  maybe the force (not Force) of the flowing water exceeds the strength of a muggle human.  the reflection of the spray will probably hurt the wielder.

inspired by cutting a diamond with a waterjet with a standard abrasive, garnet, which is softer than diamond.

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