Tuesday, October 19, 2021

[vuwllbkl] baseball game of most productive innings

from a given set of baseball games, extract the half-innings which had the most runs scored and assemble them into a composite game.  the composite game starts with most productive "top of the 1st" among the set of games, then the most productive "bottom of the 1st", and so forth.  (or, just the 18 most productive half-innings overall, not paying attention to when in the game they happened.)  baseball has the curious feature that the game state resets a whole bunch of times, so this kind of splicing is easy.

choose from all games of all teams in a season.  or all games of one team, with the half-innings selected with the chosen team batting.

spliced video would be fun to watch, tedious to assemble.  more work: overwrite on-screen-overlays with the running score of the composite game.  machinime might be easier.  in between (even more difficult): special effects to modify uniforms.

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