Wednesday, August 04, 2021

[zaalimap] live free and die harder 2021

in a hypothetical sequel to "Live Free or Die Hard", cyberterrorists attack New Hampshire government computers.  (the title makes sense.)

the cyberterrorists seek to disrupt New Hampshire's COVID-19 vaccine signups and rollout.  unfortunately, John McClane's best days are behind him, or maybe a guy good at punching bad guys is not so good at mitigating buffer overflow attacks, so he fails to stop them.  New Hampshire's COVID-19 vaccine rollout goes terribly.

but the twist is, no one notices the cyberterrorism (the cyberterrorists fail to achieve their political goals, rats, foiled again), because their malice is far overshadowed by the incompetence of Governor Chris Sununu (R).  inspired by  though lately New Hampshire seems to have gotten its act together.

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