Sunday, August 29, 2021

[cgmunvnu] enough moon for everyone

moon rocks are currently among the most valuable commodities, which is ironic because there is a tremendous supply of moon available.

shaving off an average of 0.2 micrometer off the moon's entire surface would provide 1 liter of moon rock per person for 7 billion people.

if we harvested the whole moon, everyone could have 3.1415204 km^3 of moon rock.  the surprising appearance of the digits of pi is because of the numerical coincidence (4/3) * moonradius^3 / 7e9 = 9.99977e+08 m^3 .

(the earth's population is actually closer to 8 billion now.)

if we ground the moon into dust and spread it evenly over the surface of the earth (not unrealistic: moon somehow moves within Roche limit, shatters into rings like Saturn, and then the ring particles eventually rain onto Earth), the accumulated moon dust would be about 43 km thick.  compare with earth radius = 6371 km.  ratio = 150.

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