Wednesday, July 28, 2021

[wdeayxdr] first and last great sex

hypothetical survey: when was the first time you had great sex?  when was the last time you had great sex?

hypothetical disturbing results:

the age at which many people first had great sex is considerably below the legal age of consent.  inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness?

the last time many people had great sex was a long time ago, maybe decades.  people spend the last many years of their lives not having enjoyable sex.  perhaps caused by decrease in sex drive caused by decrease in health including mental health with age.  or perhaps inability to find the right partner.

many people report that they've never had great sex their entire lives.  perhaps the activity does not cause very much pleasure, perhaps because they never learned to connect it with pleasure.  or similarly, perhaps pleasure has been decreased or eliminated by traumatic events associated with having sex.  or perhaps inability to find the right partner.

after age N, you will never have great sex again.  what is the median value for N?  do we have any clue?  what affects its value?  other milestones to measure from: marriage, death.

what was an instance of great sex changes retroactively to not as subsequent events color memory.  (assume survey done multiple times over entire life.)

wildly speculate that the possibility of disturbing results like these has dissuaded surveys like this from being taken.

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