Monday, July 19, 2021

[czypqklx] right united for freedom of speech

right-wing person #1 hates the blacks but gays are OK.  right-wing person #2 hates the gays but blacks are OK.

normally they would not get along, turned off by the other's hatred of people they care for.  however, they unite in opposition of censorship, political correctness: both care for their ability to speak against the group they hate.  both feel there is something deeply wrong in a left-wing establishment that restricts their political speech.  the fact that they feel that something is deeply wrong provides the impetus to politically unify despite their surface-level disagreement over who they hate.

(is this logic correct?  it seems strange for people to prioritize concepts over people.)

inspired by the politics of Amazon dropping Parler.  de-platforming is censorship: new name, same idea.  previously on other names for censorship.

better would have been for the left to attack the free speech of Parler with more free speech: speak the truth, speak satire, speak deception and misinformation, speak spam/denial of service.  the latter ones are not very honorable, but still less wrong than censorship, and less likely to induce unification described above.

for the left to win, don't let the right unite.  exploit their disagreements and divisions, divide and conquer.

attacking undesirable speech with censorship is a strategic error.

but even more strategic is to let the censorship happen, in order to motivate building more censorship-resistant platforms.  given how large the right is, they might even succeed.  then, everyone can benefit from technology that resists censorship.

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