Saturday, January 02, 2021

[zkaoorcj] variations on stone

stone is a fairy chess piece which cannot move at all.  it could be considered a square with special characteristics.  we enumerate possible characteristics of a square within the theme of stone.

square state: {white, black} can occupy.  currently occupied by (white, black, empty).

upon entering, or upon leaving, square can change occupiable state.  (if only one color can occupy, and is currently occupied, and remains in that state until leaving, then the square is a fortress.  if not, captures can happen on the square.)

rule/program for next state can be arbitrarily complicated, e.g., random.

need to avoid non-sensical combinations.

simple cases:

square permanently out of bounds for both players.  previously, on whether pieces can fly over it.

stone piece (piece with no movement capability) has a color and can be captured only by the opposing color, at which point it becomes a normal square.

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