Monday, January 04, 2021

[phlzkkfl] vote Giant Meteor

when people are dissatisfied with all candidates running, they may joke of voting for "Giant Meteor": destroy everything and try again from scratch.

similar: "vote for Cthulhu: why choose the lesser evil?"

in 2016, Giant Meteor made it onto the Presidential ballot and won.

if you've ever joked about, ever wished for, Giant Meteor, then you actually understand the mindset of many Trump supporters (though perhaps wish you didn't).  they are so frustrated with the vast status quo (perhaps manipulated into feeling frustrated, but that's a topic for another day) that they desire to vote into power someone hugely destructive, someone who will do terrible things.

Democrats seem to have done a poor job at campaigning against Giant Meteor 2020.  saying that Giant Meteor is hugely destructive, doing terrible things, is exactly what Giant Meteor promised, exactly his appeal, exactly what his supporters want in their president.

interesting would have been if Bernie Sanders won the nomination.  from the point of view of the center, he too was promising to be hugely destructive, to do terrible things.  both candidates seemed to understand the underlying frustration.  if the frustrated demographic is monolithic (a very controversial statement), which Meteor would have been more appealing?

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