Tuesday, December 22, 2020

[xelvffxp] Missing connections on Boston public transit

One cannot transfer directly from the Blue line to Red line.  Workarounds are to take the Green line between Government Center and Park Street, or the Orange Line between Downtown Crossing and State, or Silver line from South Station to Logan Airport terminals then Airport shuttle bus from terminals to Airport station.  Hypothetical simple fix would be extension of Blue line from Bowdoin to Charles MGH.

One cannot take commuter rail or Amtrak between North Station and South Station.  Workarounds are Orange line from North Station to Downtown Crossing then Red line to South Station, or Green line from North Station to Park Street then Red line to South Station.  Both workarounds require two trains with a transfer in the middle, likely especially annoying if you have lots of luggage, as would be expected for intercity travel.

On one hand, most people are so used to these links being missing that they don't notice them.  On the other hand, it's pretty amazing these links have been left uncompleted (not even started) for decades.

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