Saturday, November 28, 2020

[lujnulqc] A spell to summon a modern demon

Back in the day, people believed that special words, for example, a magic spell, could summon evil spirits.  We propose a modern version of such an ancient incantation: the genome of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, expressed as words.

(Of course, just like ancient summoning rituals, in order to actually unleash evil, you need to do more than just say the words; you also need equipment and actions.)

Most straightforward would be the genome expressed with its RNA nucleotide names adenine, cytosine, guanine, and uracil.  A slight variation is to instead use the NATO phonetic alphabet for the nucleotide abbreviations: alfa charlie golf uniform.  Using a phonetic alphabet helps avoid errors if the words are being used to transmit information, perhaps teaching the spell to an apprentice.  (Though RNA nucleotide names seem pretty phonetically distinguishable.)  The SARS-CoV-2 reference genome NC_045512.2 has a length of 29903 nucleotides, so speaking it would take 8 hours and 18 minutes at 1 one word per second.  This is pretty formidable, but perhaps appropriate for its degree of evil, and the incantation would only be a small portion of the total time of all the associated actions needed to accomplish evil with the words.  (Incidentally, coronaviruses have relatively long genomes compared to other viruses.)

More compact would be to pack 4 nucleotides into a 8-bit byte, then encode the bytes with the PGP biometric word list.  We prepend in front of the genome a short Perl script (also encoded with PGP words) which precisely specifies the packing of 4 nucleotides per byte: nucleotides in order ACGU corresponding to the numbers 0 through 3, packing little endian into bytes.  The resulting data, including header, is 7562 bytes, which becomes 7562 words.  We give the words below.  Speaking them would take 2 hours and 6 minutes at 1 word per second.

Forward error correction would be a nice future improvement.  Reed-Solomon seems attractive if the data is in bytes (or other power of 2).  Errors are likely bursty (e.g., skip an entire line), so cross-interleaved Reed-Solomon would be better.  Deletions (and insertions) seem like common mistakes in human recitation, so we would like a code that corrects those types of errors, which Reed-Solomon does not do.  Perhaps occasionally speak a number indicating byte position, or say something indicating a packet boundary to resynchronize in case of error.

Having picked some error-correction algorithm and parameters, this information needs to be attached or encoded with the data.  This is a hard problem if this metadata also needs error correction.

The virus (presumably) has biological mechanisms for error correction.  Design the human-added error correction to complement the existing biological error correction: the errors which the human-designed error correcting code fails to correct should be those that the virus is best equipped to deal with biologically, and vice versa.  What errors don't affect the shape or function of a protein?

Add structure to the sequence of words to make the text easier to memorize, easier to refer to specific sections.  Maybe the structure could reflect the biological structure present within the genome: Open Reading Frames, RNA secondary structure, protein secondary structure.

Perhaps adorn your summoning chamber with special images.

Below is the genome packed 4 nucleotides to a byte, with Perl header, encoded using the PGP biometric word list.

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