Saturday, November 14, 2020

[fwpsxgzb] do the Proud Boys accept Trump as their leader?

Trump asked the Proud Boys to stand back and stand by.  interpreting the message at face value, will they obey?  (critics interpret the message's subtext as endorsing white supremacy.)

hypothesize not: hypothesize that white supremacists may be racist, but they're not stupid.  they do not see Trump as one of their own.  instead, they see Trump just as liberals do, a charlatan, willing to do and say whatever for power and personal gain, including attempting to use white supremacists as pawns.  currently the direction the white supremacists want to go and Trump's policies seem to align, but it is an alliance of convenience rather than leader-followers.  they will not hesitate to dump Trump, refusing to be tools, if things should stop aligning.  there's nothing in it for them to obey his orders.

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