Thursday, September 10, 2020

[ydlzmpkn] SCP D-class farming

This post, , suggests that it must be difficult for the SCP organization to maintain their supply of D-class personnel and make them cooperate with experimentation, because, as a security measure, D-class personnel are always put to death within a month even if they cooperate.

This being SCP, we should of course spin a creepy tale of it actually not being difficult.  The D-class pipeline is vast but runs smoothly: it is basically factory farming applied to humans.  Mind control, through mundane and not-so-mundane technologies accessible to SCP, keeps their livestock docile and cooperative.  Where is this vast SCP factory farm of D-class humans?


Even darker: D-class personnel are all rapists, murderers, child molesters, and other terrible criminals (or so we are supposed to believe).  To maintain its supply, SCP actively works to make sure external societies produce enough of those kinds of people, people that no one will care about if they disappear.

Inspired by, if there really were an SCP organization, they would probably be doing unethical COVID-19 experiments on D-class personnel right now.

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