Tuesday, September 22, 2020

[mzciosak] Beyond the RGB cube

There are colors that people can see that are not available in digital images because they are not in the RGB color cube.  It would not be physically difficult to create devices that can detect or show these colors; the problem is software.

What are these colors?  I think many are intense cyans, yellows, and magentas.

Stage real life scenes that are difficult to photograph because they require contrast between an unrepresentable color and another color that is whatever RGB color a digital camera typically maps the unrepresentable color to.  The eye can see that there are two noticeably different colors, but the camera stores only one.

In optimistic preparation for image formats that can support a more complete color range, how should software be architected?  Probably support color component values less than zero or greater than 255.  Is that enough?  Maybe also support an arbitrary number of color components, not just 3.

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