Friday, August 07, 2020

[ujbosgui] White Trash Lives Matter

Black people:  Hey white people!  Stop trying to help us directly, because every time you do, you end up actually making things worse for us.  [Note: not all black people share this sentiment.]  Instead, here's a radical idea for you.  White people, go help white people instead, in particular, your "worst" white people: your trailer trash, your People of Walmart, your rednecks.  Get their standard of living up so that they can afford to live not in a trailer, to shop not at Walmart, to be economically desirable enough to have mating prospects beyond family and livestock.  Because if you can fix society so that that large mass of white people is better off, it's highly likely many black people will also be able to enjoy those social reforms.

White people:  Yuck.  Those white people, we do not want to help.

Yoda:  That... is why you fail.

Inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr., who recognized that the difficulties faced by poor whites are often very similar to the difficulties faced by blacks, though unfortunately I've lost the source.

The idea is humorously illustrated by Tom Hanks on Black Jeopardy on Saturday Night Live.

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