Friday, August 14, 2020

[ljslzajs] Mass of a black hole the size of earth

Divide the radius of sphere with the same volume as the ellipsoidal earth by the conversion constant (about 3 km/solar mass) between Schwarzschild radius and solar mass, using the "units" program.

You have: (earthradius_equatorial^2 earthradius_polar) ^ (1/3) / (2 gauss_k^2 au^3 day^-2 c^-2 solarmass^-1)
You want: solarmass
        * 2157.2844

Yes, we do know all the input values to high precision.  2157.2844 solar masses falls into the still hypothetical category of intermediate-mass black holes.

Previously, we computed (to equally high precision) the Schwarzschild radius of a black hole with the same mass as earth: 0.88700560 cm.

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