Wednesday, June 24, 2020

[xoyaoayd] Modern typewriter toy

Continuous feed paper from a roll.

Press a button to automatically type current date and time.

Of course, when you hit a regular letter key, the letter immediately gets printed on the paper, as a typewriter should do.

But also consider a line printer: a small display permits writing and editing one line, then a button commits the line of text to paper.

Additional buttons for TH, NG, AND.  Perhaps others.  Because a typewriter is always in typing mode, there's no danger of an accidental keystroke sending many characters to an application not expecting text to be typed.

Push a button to signal typing is done.  The typewriter then automatically appends a QR code version of what you've typed, so that what you typed can easily be scanned into digital form if desired.  Then, it automatically cuts the paper.

More toy-like features, intended for children: Large print (font).  This could especially be useful if the typist wants to leave a space to hand-draw an emoji.  Large-print keyboard.  Large keys.  Key layout ABC...Z, not QWERTY (but changeable).  Inspired by children being able to recognize letters before they can reliably write them by hand.

Freewrite is a vaguely similar product aimed for adults.  It does not provide the instant gratification of keystrokes being immediately committed to physical paper, though that's not its point.

Also vaguely similar, previously.

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