Sunday, March 15, 2020

[uhmlqkbj] Peirce quincuncial

As with any map projection, one can first rotate the sphere to any orientation before generating the projection: oblique aspect.

Tile a Peirce quincuncial projection, then pan.  Rotation might also work.  I think any square of the original size shows the whole globe.  The singular points move from the midpoints of the edges to somewhere in the interior.

Is this the only conformal map projection which is doubly periodic like this?  It's pretty amazing that this is possible.

Is it really periodic?  Exactly what happens at and around the singularities?  Usually they are in the middle of the ocean so it's hard to tell what weirdness is going on there.

Generate an oblique aspect projection with a small isolated island (e.g., Easter Island) at or near a singularity.  I suspect the result will be a bizarre huge landmass in the middle of the ocean.

If regions near a singularity become magnified conformally, it could be used as a loupe.

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